Liberating FinTech for All

FinTech features and apps. are not easy! Believe us, we tried!

That’s why Ma’mun is developed specifically with developers and IT departments in mind.


Machine learning to process and aggregate data quickly and accurately.


Encrypted and secure tunnels and access points let you connect with peace of mind.


Connect through simple to understand and developer friendly APIs.


Cloud based but can also be on-premise. Pay-as-you-go usage for transparent billing.

Combine & Embed the Score and Orchestration APIs to create unique use cases

Mamun Score

Dynamically assign and monitor risk, reward and opportunity. If you better knew the value of your customers, suppliers, agents, how different would you treat them?

Mamun Orchestrate

Whether it is for transactional data or informational data, manage their push, pull and scheduling, including integrations with 3rd party applications, seamlessly.

Use Cases

The below are just some of Mamun’s capabilities you can plug and play.
Have another use case in mind? Get in touch and we’ll help you develop it
  • Credit Scoring & Monitoring
  • Buy-Now-Pay-Later and Installments
  • Payment Channels Unification
  • Direct Debit
  • Mini-Transactions
  • OpenData Monetizer

Credit Scoring & Monitoring

Use alternative data to enhance your credit score card, and fulfill vanilla or exotic credit products. Also proactively monitor and flag potential defaulting loans before they happen, and automatically reward good behaviour when you see it.
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Payment Channels Unification

Tired of dealing with multiple payment gateways and channels like debit/credit cards, mobile money wallets, and cash on delivery? Different dashboards and reports? Funnel all your payment channels to Ma’mun using your existing payment channels with no added transaction margin on your existing sales.
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Direct Debit

Whether a revocable or irrevocable Direct Debit, Ma’mun automates the collection of recurring bills using your existing payment gateway and integrated with your billing system. Leverage the fact that most customers would appreciate automating their utility, ISP or phone bills. Customers can also set a maximum cap. to limit the debit.
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Allow your customers to round their payments and transactions to the nearest amount, and automatically transfer it to a savings account or charity.
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OpenData Monetizer

Abstract your infrastructure or application into APIs for 3rd parties to consume and build upon, whether in a sand-box environment or live. Track API usage, and even monetize them. Examples include Open Banking, Open Insurance and Open FinTech
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